Introducing... The Tango Zone Dance Company

It is with great joy that we introduce “The Tango Zone Dance Company," in its opening event “The Tango Zone: Tango as you’ve never seen it before!”

Born out of a strong desire for expression and communication, the company represents a confluence of visions, cultures and media, brought together in celebration of the multitude of experiences and relationships that make out the fabric of our lives. Our mission is twofold: having shared experience as our highest value, the company aims to serve as a medium through which each of its members can express, share and realize their artistic vision. At the same time, viewing tango as a language and opportunity for communication, the company aims to expand on traditional tango show themes to encompass the funny, exciting, dramatic and even mundane aspects of existence, both real and imaginary.

In our December 5th event , which will feature several new excerpts from our first tango show, we will take you on a trip through time, from 1940 through 2199… on a trip through space, from New York to Buenos Aires, Brazil and beyond… on a trip through feelings, from funny to bizarre to dramatic and adventurous… and more.

We invite everyone to share our dream and the experience of tango. Dare to feel… dare to express… dare to imagine… dare to realize. Welcome to...


Tango as you've never seen it before!

Milonga+Show Excerpts * Friday, December 5th, 10pm-2am
Dance Studio 101 * 101 Lafayette St, 2nd floor, NY, NY * $18

Conceived and directed by Luis Bianchi * Daniela Pucci * Diego Blanco * Ana Padron
With the special participation of Carolina Jaurena * Daniel Raphael * German Salvatierra * Batt Johnson