The Tango Zone offers a one-of-a-kind experience, taking a NEW look at an OLD art form. This is a new concept in Argentine tango theater art. It consists of a double-feature show with the titles "Man VsTime" and "Dreamonia" realizing our ambition to make tango speak. Combining the media of dance, theater, comedy and video, the show tells short stories that expand on traditional tango show themes to encompass the funny, exciting, dramatic and even mundane aspects of existence, both real and imaginary.

Act 1: Man Vs Time

If you could turn back time, would you? "Man Vs Time" is composed of a series of vignettes going from heart warming to heart breaking, centered around the universal theme of the passage of time: a young couple discovers love; an old woman regains her lost youth but must choose between that and her lifelong companion; a love triangle ends with dire consequences --- or does it? A giant clock overlooks their challenges and joys as characters both young and old are faced with the full range of human emotion: love, regret, jealousy, nostalgia, anger, guilt, happiness and despair. An absurd recurring fight between Everyman and Time, the latter embodied as a capricious mythical figure, connects the threads and proves completely futile to Everyman: utterly indifferent to the human plight, Time presses forward, flips back, and at points even seems to stand still.

Act 2: Dreamonia

When Alberto loses his customary fight with Carmela for the TV remote control, he slips off into a long tango-flavored dream. What follows is a series of skits portraying TV shows and movies through the unlikely combination of tango and slapstick comedy. Among other stories, "Missing Bogart" shows the romance between a blond bombshell damsel in distress over the disappearance of her dog and a very clumsy private eye, in the tradition of the 40s and 50s film noir; "Tango Matrix" pits humans and agents against each over a disk containing all of the secrets and wisdom of tango; "Sportango: the channel where tango is the sport, and that sport is tango!" offers the "Tango Race", "High Jump with Partner" and "Boxing" competitions, complete with televised commentators intertwined with live action. Alternating between live performance and film commercials of some very special fictitious tango related products, "Dreamonia" blurs the line between dream and reality.