Nick Jones & Diana Cruz & Amy Anderson

Nick Jones approaches dancing with great abandon and seriousness. Mixing formal Argentine Tango styles to create creative, musical dance that pushes the limits of the genera. As an enthusiastic teacher, choreographer, performer, dj and musician he is invited to tango festivals and workshops around the world. He has studied tango since 1998 and to this day continues to take classes with whomever catches his eye.

Diana Cruz is a dancer who has dedicated her life to understanding body movement and performing. She pulls together all of her multi-diciplinary techniques (including: Ballet, Contemporary, Modern and Latin American folk dances, Pilates, Yoga, singing and many tango styles) into one cohesive dance. She uses these techniques as a base to create powerful, musical unique performances.

She has been invited as been invited as a performer and teacher around the US and Australia, and to many festivals including the Montreal Nuevo Tango Festival.
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