Carolina Zokalski & Diego Di Falco

Carnegie Hall 2000 - 2001
Broadway Billboards
Broadway Walter Kerr Theatre
Broadway Marquis Theatre
Hollywood ball
Tony Award Nomination for best choreography
More than 100 Theaters and cities around the world
Orvieto Jazz Festival
and much more....

*Diego Di Falco appears to lead his partner Carolina Zokalski ( of the scissor like legs ), with the dark laser-like stare of his eyes . By Hedy Weiss . Chicago-Sun-Times may 21,1998. Chicago.

*Diego y Carolina steam up the stage with hot Tango moves in Forever Tango. The Toronto Star, January 1,1997 . Toronto , Canada

*... the younger dancers project its galvanizing electricity. Carolina & Diego perform steps of dizzying intricacy. By Howard Kissel, Daily News June 20,1997. Broadway New York

*… four talented pairs of dancers , sensuously illustrating the linkages between the infectious Tango rhythms and the deceptively complex movements of the dance .By Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times August 17,1998. Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles

Full biography:

Diego and Carolina have reached a prominent place in the world of Tango and are in part responsible for the renaissance of Tango of the last 10 years.

At the age of 20 and after years of dancing professionally in Buenos Aires, they joined the original cast of the show FOREVER TANGO, becoming the youngest tango dancers in the history of American Musical Theater on Broadway. They also tour with the show in United States, Europe and Canada for over 4 years. (Carolina and Diego are also performing on the first version of Forever Tango home video). The show triumphed on Broadway in June 1997 and maintained this competitive position for fourteen months.

The couple was nominated for a Tony award for ”Best Choreography”and the artistic image of Diego Di Falco was used in all the show’s promotional materials, including the major billboards in Times Square. They have since performed in more than thirty cities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel, and Japan. Diego began to dance at the age of four. Tango Masters, ANTONIO TODARO, PUPI CASTELLO, MIGUEL BALMACEDA, PEPITO AVELLANEDA and JUAN CARLOS COPES, who nurtured his natural gifts from a very early age, guided him.

With his unique creativity, sensitivity, and tremendous dedication, he has achieved world renown as a master dancer and instructor of the tango. Carolina’s artistry has also reached great heights. As a young girl, she receiver a scholarship from Juan Carlos Copes to perform with other young artists and with ROBERT DUVAL in the documentary TANGO! Produced by National Geographic. In 1991 she was invited to join the NATIONAL FOLKLORIC BALLET OF ARGENTINA. The couple has participated as principal dancers and choreographers in the show TANGO MAGIC for PBS.

They also perform a smaller version of this concert type show, at Carnegie Hall in 2000 and 2001, and at Umbria Jazz Festival in Orvieto, Italy. Pablo Ziegler and the quintet for New Tango, Joe Lovano, Paquito de Rivera, Richard Galiano, Guidon Kremer, Gary Burton, wore some of the guest artist they share the stage with in this opportunity. In the US and Canada it would be easier to name the cities and theatres in which they haven’t performed, this includes the Hollywood Ball, the Marquis of Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and the Washington Opera House as guest artist.

They reside in the United States and continue to promote Argentine Tango every day and to earn international acclaim for their elegant, charismatic and technically demanding performances, as well as their wide-ranging program of tango instruction. They have sold more than 7000 instructional videos of their first series of 7, between 2000 and 2004 and produce their own series One Step Further in 2000. They are also two tango books in which their names and pictures are included.

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