A personal invitation by The Tango Zone Dance Company

You are standing on the edge between two worlds. Just behind you the ground is safe and as real as anything will ever be. Ahead of you there is the thin air of dreams and possibilities. You stand there, in the middle, with a nagging question in your mind: 

Are you a man or a bird?

There is only one way to find out.

A quiet vibration calls from the void stimulating a hidden, instinctive, almost forgotten part of you.
Is it a compulsion to transform nothingness into beauty with the deft hands of your imagination? Is it a longing to express yourself as your shell bursts open with the wild stream of emotion? Is it an imperative need to share with others the inconceivable, mesmerizing, glorious experience of being alive?

You take the step into the void.
Will you experience bewilderment, as your mind stumbles into a virgin and absurd territory where the romantic and sensuous Argentine tango merges with laughter and tears, slapstick comedy and poignant drama? Will you experience exhilaration, as your spirit soars above a land where the ordinary proves noteworthy and the extraordinary seems easily within reach? Will you experience vertigo, as you descend at record-breaking speed into pure madness?

Will you find yourself man or bird?

We bet you will find yourself to be both, for you have just crossed into a world where impossible is simply another name for inevitable. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to THE TANGO ZONE!